Below are some common questions about Luvaquote

For home users

A: LuvaQuote is a tradesperson quote website. Nothing more and certainly nothing less. We have designed a simple to us for ALL website that will change how you will use a website like this. To keep us safe on your device bookmark us now!

A: There are maximum six tradespeople per service per area but you can request quotes on any and all services. Say you need a plasterer, plumber and painter and decorator, you click on each service in your town and fill out the one time only form on each one. Unlike many Quote websites and directories you are not inundated with long lists, making it hard to know who’s what how and where! We think we have covered most of the main services but do plan to add more soon.

A: At the moment we offer a good variety of services from builders to plumbers to Tree surgeons in your local area. We do plan to add more as we grow (and grow we will) but to see what services we offer so far simply go to the homepage.

If you want a builder you click on builders quotes, pick your area and simply click the get a quote button. A one time form will pop up with a few options to check. You fill out your details and provide a small description of what you need a quote for. Click Send Quote and ALL the exclusive six builders we feature in your area will get that quote. Simple.

For tradespeople

A: LuvaQuote offer exclusive slots for only up to six tradespeople/firms per area.Yet we are still much cheaper than our competitors. Each slot is just £39 per month and you are only one of six!in your local area! You will not be lost within long lists!

A: Yes! The home owner only need fill out a one time only form and ALL the up to six tradespeople will receive the quote. You obviously won’t win every quote but you will ALWAYS get any quote for what you are offering EVERY time so you will have plenty of opportunities.

A: No. We ask you to sign up for a minimum 6 months, and then you can cancel with one months notice ANYTIME. But beware if you giver your slot up it might take a while to get it back!