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We have designed luvaquote to be slick, clean and simple to use.

You will not be faced with long lists overloaded with dozens of local tradesmen, but only SIX of the best trusted tradespeople we could find in your area. You only have one form to fill and up to six of our local tradesmen and or tradeswomen will get your quote request in your local area!

Nice and Simple

There are no complicated quote request forms to fill out. You need only to fill out a one time only form for the service you require.

Who is luvaquote?

Well you can find out much more on our FAQ page but we are a group of highly experienced web designers and developers based in Lancaster UK. We have been delivering professional websites to plumbers, builders, heating engineers and tree surgeons (to name a few) for for over 18 years. The current reviews on this website are a testament to our great work.

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The luvaquote experience

After many years developing website and developing SEO platforms and techniques (as well a social media marketing) we truly believe we have created one of the best end user experience tradesman quote request websites out there. Most tradesman quote request websites miss a heart and are overloaded with endless lists of local tradespeople which can be tiresome or confusing right? We've put our heart and soul into designing making luvaquote to be simple to use for ALL. We only allow up to 6 tradespeople per area via a one time only form. We are sure you will find this the best tradesman quote request website on the Internet! It will be nice and simple to find local tradespeople and put in a quote request for Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Plasterers, Tree Surgeons, Painters and Decorators, Roofers, Asbestos Removal Experts, landscapers & Drainage name a few.

Whether you are a passenger in a car on a smart phone, or at home with a glass of wine, you will find luvaquote Nice and Simple to use.

Whether you are looking for tradesperson quotes or you are the tradesperson offering up your services this Local Tradesmen Quotes website will be the only one you will ever use again.

You will find us great to use for Builders Quotes, Plumbers Quotes, Boiler Repair Quotes, Electrician Quotes, Plasterers Quotes, Tree Surgeon Quotes, Asbestos Quotes, Painter and Decorator Quotes, Landscaping Quotes, Kitchen Fitting Quotes, Bathroom Fitting Quotes, Home Cinema Installation Quotes and Drain Cleaning Quotes.

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No long lists of tradespeople. Pick your required tradesman, pick your local area, press the "Request a quote" button for a one time only quote request.
Then sit back and relax!

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Both tradespeople and customers love luvaquote!

As simple as ABC


  • Click the trade box you need
  • Choose your area
  • Press the quote button for your one time quote request form


  • There is only ever one exclusive tradesperson featured
  • Send them a quote request
  • Sit back and relax


  • You will love Luvaquote
  • Nice and simple to use

Tradesman Quotes

luvaquote is a Local Tradesman Quote Request Website that will make things Nice and Simple for homeowners to find our trusted trademen in their local area. Unlike most tradesman quote request websites luvaquote will only feature a maximum of six tradesmen per service. As we go along it will be be rolled out all over the UK. The concept is to make for a better end user experience and also give tradesmen a much better chance of receiving those all important local quotes and estimates requests.

luvaquote has been developed by WUKmedia, a long standing web design agency that is ranked in the top 20 web companies in the UK.

The site has been designed to work on any device from a smart phone to a full size desk top computer. We know you will love using luvaquote whether you be looking for a quote from a local tradesman or you are indeed a tradesperson looking to receive quote requests.

luvaquote aim to:

Further develop an easy to navigate, clean website fit for the 21st Century

Grow and create a great community of trusted tradesmen and tradeswomen across the UK

Make it Nice and Simple for homeowners to request local tradesmen quotes

luvaquote verses trusted trader type quote request websites


Tradespeople have a few major players to choose from when it comes to subscribing to local tradesman quote requests websites. However these sites nearly all use the same formats (and often its hard to tell one from another), so when the homeowner clicks into them they are faced with too much information. Long lists of tradesmen pitting there wares against each other. luvaquote only features a maximum of six tradespeople per town making our quote request website far easier to navigate and understand.


You will find luvaquote will be competing at the top of organic Google searches for many trades and local searches in just about every town in the UK. We are already hitting top Google listings in Edinburgh, and Preston, name a few.

Supporting our customers

We believe we have created something special with luvaquote. A website that stands out from the crowd. However if you are unsure of how to work your way around this Nice and Simple quote request website then do not hesitate to contact us and we will of course guide you through the options.

Making a Difference Online

luvaquote is committed help make a real difference to how people get tradesmen to get back to them with a quote. We will be on social media as well as being easy to find via organic Google searches in local areas. For example if you need to send a plumber a quote request, you should find luvaquote appearing on page one...if not number one on The Google search results page in your area. We will be working to constantly develop this wonderful looking tradespeople quote request website and if you have any constructive comments then we'd love to hear from you.

Simply contact us

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We will be building luvaquote pages in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, North London, West London, East London, South London, South East London, Kent, Essex, Surrey, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Brighton, Leicester and eventually every other town and city in the UK.

Once we are fully operational you will be able to make local tradesman quotes in all the following areas:

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